Linda Sharpless

Hand-crafted Pottery

Growing up in a family headed by a fiber artist and a woodworker, I learned at an early age that art is meant to be an integral part of our everyday lives. My pottery embodies this ideal in its functionality and inherent earthy beauty.

While other artists strive to show their works in fine museums, behind protective cases, my work is meant to be held, heated, frozen and lost (then found) under the back seat of the family car. With most people, the biggest drawback to their favorite mug is its durability. I believe the comfort afforded by cradling a warm piece of pottery that fits your hand perfectly is a goal worth striving for.

I have been a potter my entire adult life and intend to continue to produce a line of pottery that perfectly blends functionality with the quiet essence of clay. Why would I want to do anything else?

Linda Sharpless grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. As the middle of five children, she showed an early interest in all things one could do to get dirty. With parents who were both teachers and craftspeople, she was offered many opportunities to exercise her creativity and her attraction to messy things.

Linda threw her first pot at age 13. After establishing a studio in her parents’ home, she began taking classes at Penland School of Craft in the spring of 1972. That first trip to Mitchell County was followed by others and then the purchase of a piece of property in 1975, on which Linda soon built her own house and studio.

To this day, Linda is active with the Mitchell-Yancey Habitat for Humanity. Her current household consists of 2 sheep (Sweet Pea and Savory), one RedDog, 3 cats (Stilton, Emmentualler and Gorganzola) and fifteen chickens. She keeps a large garden of fruits, vegetables and flowers, and also pursues spinning, knitting and quilting.

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