Barbara Kahn

Magnets, Note Cards and Prints

When I first came to the Blue Ridge Mountains in 1996 I was still living in California, but something was drawing me here like a strong magnet. I fell in love with these ancient mountains on that first trip and I came back several times to make sure of this pull. After much contemplation and life changes I finally sold my home, packed up my belongings and moved to Little Switzerland. Since 1999 I have made my home and studio here.

The fertile and beautiful Hudson River Valley in New York State was where I grew up. At the age of nine my parents noticed that I had a special talent to draw and paint, so they connected me with an art teacher with whom I studied until graduating high school. It was fortuitous for me that in my senior year I studied with an art teacher who was a graduate Rhode Island School of Design. He urged me to apply. I did and earned my BFA in Painting from RISD with further studies in Italy, Europe, India and Mexico. After graduating from college I went to California and continued painting and showing my art at many galleries and museums there.

Most of my life has been centered around art, but there have been other avenues of expression that needed manifestation too. From an early age I was intrigued with wild plants and would bring specimens home from the woods for my mother to see and tell me what they were. And so studying herbs has been a serious hobby of mine for many years and I have taught classes in herb crafting and aromatherapy and have made my own herbal products.

I have a wonderful rich life here and am so happy to be living in one of the oldest pieces of earth on the earth. The changes in the seasons, the flora and fauna and awesome views inspire me daily. My art is a result of these experiences.

Barbara Kahn is an artist living in Little Switzerland North Carolina. She teaches art workshops, herb classes and participates in many art festivals in the surrounding area.
The image of the “Heavenly Angel with Balsam Tree” is a direct experience of seeing a certain angelic light around a balsam tree that grows on her property. She has reproduced the Heavenly Angel into magnets, note cards and prints.

She is presently painting a series entitled “Historic Downtowns of North Carolina” and will be continuing with that for years to come. Another series, “Vintage Photographs Brought to Life” is inspired by old pictures of our ancestors that Barbara enhances and prints in her studio. She is also creating a series of photo-montages, a combination of art and photography that are individually printed on canvas with additional hand painting.

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